Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Memories that last a lifetime, photos of family are the treasures of the past. I'm sure you have heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", but for a family historian seeking photos of family members, long gone is really a dream come true.

Have you ever been into an antique store and seen framed photos and wonder who they may have belonged to? There have to be memories linked to such things. Maybe you have seen old photo albums, silver framed photos that are now probably tarnished and could use some extra loving care. Vintage clothing? An old wedding dress or a child's antique toy? I love going into antique stores even if it's just to look at all the things that may have been cherished by a person in a bygone era. Going into these shoppes, have you ever wondered if you were passing up a good find? What if one of those photo albums that was displayed, was a part of your family history and you just never thought to really look at it? I'm not talking about merely glancing through the images, but really looking at the pictures, looking for names and dates and so on. Are you willing to walk away and just forget about these artifacts of the past? I don't think I could!

As a family historian myself, it would be a dream come true to find such a priceless, prized possession! Even if the album or photo didn't have my particular family history attached to to it, I would want to seek out the person that it may have rightfully belonged to. How did it not get passed down through the families generations? How did it end up in an antique store to begin with? 

Personally, I would love to have one of my grandmothers older photo albums, an old journal, love letters, her wedding dress, or any other type of memorabilia from her past. It's all about staying connected to her in a much more personal way even though she has already passed. Today, people take such things for granted and consider something like this as just old junk that should be tossed away or donated. 

Try visiting an antique store in your area, take a look around and see all the lost items of our ancestors past.

I found a website that caters to finding these gems of the past and would like to share it with you!
Check this site out and let me know if you found something :)

Abby's Buy And Sell Genealogy

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