Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A New Me And A New You

My husband, Michael, is just one of the many people to hop on the Body By Vi bandwagon and he is truly amazed by this product! I really can't say enough about it! I'm excited for him; after all he has gone through as far as health problems, such as high blood pressure and lymphodema, I really think this is the best program to utilize. After researching the company, we came to the conclusion to stay with ViSalus once he has reached the individual goals he has set for himself. He may even go on to continue his challenge and transformation. He currently weighs 320 pounds and I have yet to get his current measurements but will do this very soon! His very first goal is to lose 70 pounds and be able to lose inches and gain muscle mass in the process. Currently he is in a size 48 in jeans but with his future success, hopes to be in a size 40! I'll be by his side the whole way, cheering him on!

All those yo-yo diet plans where you lose the weight and unfortunately gain it all back plus some, are all over for us. I have talked to countless people and have heard so many success stories from several different people and also many of my friends drinking the ViSalus shakes. 
A very close friend of mine looks absolutely fit and healthy and another friend went down 3 dress sizes during her challenge! Isn't that great? What's so great about this shake is that you can virtually create your own by adding the fruits that you love. Be inventive! 

Have you tried ViSalus? What are you waiting for? Say goodbye to the muffin top and bulges and hello to a better, healthier you!

I will try and keep you updated on Michael's progress each week! The proof is in the shakes! So keep shakin'!


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