Monday, June 11, 2012

My Cornett Family Tree Flowchart

Trying to explain my genealogy to others is a bit confusing as the Cornett lines seem to intertwine. A family member once told me that my grandmother Lucia R. Cornett married another Cornett (Walter Allen Cornett), so I have two different Cornett lines just based on my grandparents alone! So to start out, my father was Billy Edward Cornett > Walter Allen Cornett and Lucia R. Cornett (my grandparents) > Walter Allen Cornett's parents are Wiley Cornett and Izora Parks Cornett (My Great Grandparents on my Grandfathers side) > On Lucia Cornett's side, her parents are Stuart Marvin Monroe Cornett and Gincy Malinda Caroline Long. (My Great Grandparents from Lucia)

The images below show a flowchart of sorts of my family tree that I have filled in so far based on family research and documents that were given to me so many years ago.  I hope the flowchart makes some sense to those of you who may be curious as to how I may be related to the Cornett families of Grayson County, Virginia and also of Letcher and Perry County, Kentucky. I believe these places are where my ancestors may have settled. Granted, the flowchart doesn't show all siblings and their children, so this is a very basic flowchart just to give you an idea of sorts. The only discrepancy I noticed was in the last flowchart where it shows Mary Hicks and James Cornett as William Cornett's parents- the dates are all wrong and don't mesh with the rest of the tree itself. So please disregard that part of the tree; hopefully the rest is pretty accurate. 

I welcome any comments and look forward to them! 

Family Tree Flowchart from (which I no longer use) but created snippets of the image and saved to my computer as a JPG file. 

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According to the family tree on the information below shows the path from Earl "John" Cornett down to myself. Now all I need to do is verify this with documented evidence!

Earl "John" Cornett (1696 - 1782)
is your 8th great grandfather
Son of Earl "John"
Son of James C
Son of David
Son of James
Son of David Blue
Son of James Monroe
Son of George Wesley
Daughter of Stuart Monroe
Son of Lucia Rose
You are the daughter of Billy E - (not you?)


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