Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sentimental Sunday ~ A Daughter's Love...

Dear Daddy,

I miss you so very much. As each Father's Day passes, I miss you even more. I know you are looking down on me from Heaven above, and I hope that I am a daughter that you are very proud of. I look through your photos quite frequently and have even started a web blog about our wonderful family.
I wish I had the chance to start over, I would do so many things differently. 
  Even though my life is a happy one, I still wish that you were here with me right now. If just to fill that empty space in my heart where only a daddy's love will forever remain. You may be gone from this earth, but you are always thought of and loved by so many.
  I have heard a few stories about you and what you were like from other family members, but I wish those memories were forever mine. Do we share common interests? Do I smile like you? Do we have similar facial expressions depending on whatever mood we happen to be in? I don't know these things. I have so many lost memories that a father and daughter should have been able to share. Milestones aplenty. You became an angel before your time. Before I ever had a chance to know you for who you really are. Before I ever had the chance to say good-bye. Letters and photos and sometimes gifts, don't account for all the father and daughter times that we have missed.
  I realize that God has selected you to be with Him, to stand by Him, but there are times when I need you to be here with me too! I know your days here on earth were few, now you're in Heaven starting your eternal life anew. So many years have passed since I last seen your face, one day though I will see you again, by God's grace.
  If I were granted just one wish, I would wish to see you again even if it was only in my dreams. To be able to talk to you, hug you, and tell you that I love you, this would be my forever wish! There are so many things I would like to say, but what I want you to know is this:  For every moment when I think of you, I think of the times I could have spent with you. You're right here in my heart, a place which I have saved just for you. 

Happy Father's Day....

Your Loving Daughter,
Kelly Ann

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