Family Memories

One of the memories that sticks out in my mind the most revolves around my grandmother, Lucia Rose Cornett. I remember when I was very young, probably about 4 or 5 years old. She gave me a little dark blue corduroy purse that I kept asking her if I could play with. One day, she just gave it to me, I was so very happy! To this day I can still picture what it looks like in my mind. It was dark navy blue in color with a long strap so the purse itself actually fell to right below my waist line. It had one zipper at the top with a little side pocket on the front with red and yellow embroidered flowers. How funny that I remember something like this to the most minute details and I can't remember what I did last week!

Another fond memory I have is of my great grandmother, Gincy Malinda Caroline Long. I used to spend time on the front porch of Lucia's home. Malinda was there for a visit I think, rocking in her chair watching me play. I had this old two-tone brown and vanilla colored teddy bear that I carried everywhere with me. Poor thing had seen a better day as I grew older, I still had it as a pre-teen but lost it in a move one year. But my memory was of me as a young child, who liked to dress and change her teddy bear as if it was a baby. I even used old cloth diapers and the plastic tipped diaper pins to secure it in place. I don't think she liked me to undress the teddy bear as often as I did for fear the bear would catch a chill. Now that I think back on this, it's kind of funny. 


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