My Artwork Page

The above image was created in July 2011 with Adobe Illustrator. This image was a photo of Hawaiian flowers set inside a large font. 

My husband and I
(Created using Photoshop)

I created this design just playing around with Photoshop one day. It's one of my favorites!

I can't remember if this was Photoshop or Illustrator- maybe both! 
This photo/cartoon like image was altered with different effects and was taken at an Atlanta Braves game :)

Poster design for Bumble & Bumble hair products..
(In Store Event)

Personal Business Banner
(Created in Photoshop)

A painting by yours truly! As you can see, I am not very successful at painting people!

This was a 3-D project in Typography class when I attended the Art Institute. The project had to be created using different types of fonts and text styles, but needed to be printed on overhead projector sheets. Very tricky! You had to set up your printer to actually print on this type of material so as not to smear the ink all over the place :)

In this design, I wanted to play around with some text effects in Photoshop. Very simple effects that utilizes gradients, outer glows and so on. 
(Created on May 8,2012)


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