Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Aloha Friday!

It's such a beautiful day here in Kailua! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining brightly, and how I love the ocean breeze. Such a perfect beginning to a wonderful weekend ahead! As I sit here, I am debating on the content of today's blog post. To all my fellow blogger's out there: Do you ever get "Blank Screen Syndrome"? For me, it's almost like writer's block! 

But anyway, I want to tell you about my most recent 'jump for joy' feeling that I had last night! As you know, I have been doing all this research, and in the process I have made a few contacts through and other sources. By discussing my searches on these forums, forums such as and, I have made three different contacts, who turned out to be distant cousins!! I never knew I had these cousins, and I never met them in my whole life! To be able to connect with family, is truly a treasure and worth its' weight in gold, especially when we are all trying to attain the same goals in regards to our past lineage. So going on... last night I received a message through Ancestry's web site, from a cousin that I have been going back and forth in correspondence with. My initial question to her was about my search for Alexander Sutherland, who is one of my current brick walls and also one of hers too. She didn't have much information on Alexander but we still send messages to one another just in case we manage to break through the mortar. Anyway, her message was about her brother, a "Sutherland" cousin of mine. Where does he live? Oh! Only about 30 minutes away from me!
So you can imagine, I was just about ecstatic when I read and re-read the message. I had to read it at least twice to make sure it wasn't my imagination! This was great news for me, I was so excited to learn this. What a small world it is! I mean really, what are the odds? I only moved here to the Hawaiian islands a mere 5 months ago! 

Ever since then, I have been digging deeper than ever to find the base of my ancestral roots, some roots which don't want to be found and have turned into such a congested knot, never to be untangled! But I have news for you, Sir Root, as you are about to become untangled and care free! I don't give up so easily. It's only a matter of time before you unravel.

Yesterday, I was searching high and low, in every nook and cranny on the world wide web, changing up keyword searches and all; looking for information on my Sutherland link to the Cornett line. I didn't find too much, but I am in the process of trying to retrieve birth documents and death records to prove my lineage along the way! I hope I have better success today. 

Good luck to you in your searches as well! 

Have a happy Aloha Friday everyone!


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