Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Shout Out

A few days ago, I thought about taking a few college courses in Genealogy to further my research and put my thirst for knowledge to work. Then life intervened and I got side tracked and it just slipped my mind to investigate it any further. That is, until I read a blog called Family Cherished written by Valerie, a very talented and inspiring writer I might add. The particular blog article I am referring to is called, "Getting a Great Genealogical Education For Little or No Money!"  Can I just say, I was hooked before I even finished the first paragraph? 

The article was very informative, and just what I was looking for, in terms of courses that wouldn't put me into tremendous debt. Been there, done that! I'm still paying off college loans, so why would I want to be further indebted just to take a couple of extra courses? This article is a "must read" for those that have been thinking about gaining a little extra knowledge on this topic. Valerie listed some very good ideas on.....well you really need to read it for yourself! 

Kudos, Valerie for writing such a great article and spurring me into action!


  1. Kelly,

    You are so AWESOME! Thank you for your kind words. So glad you wrote them, not just because they made me feel happy and smile - but because I got to know about your blog! Great stuff here! Thank you again and best wishes in you educational pursuits, Mahalo!

  2. Valerie,

    Thank you very much! It was a pleasure coming across your blog and just reading your different articles. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!