Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In My Ancestral Garden...

Today hasn't been a very successful day in locating research on Alexander Sutherland. I have been searching all day long on the different web sites after "Googling" his name and birth date. I keep finding the same information over and over; it's weird though, because being a member on Ancestry.com, I have come across several other members trees that have his parents listed as two separate couples- different names and all that. Very confusing as I haven't found anything concrete yet. The research I have so far states that Samuel J. Sutherland and Jane Barbour Sutherland are his parents, then I come across several members' trees on Ancestry's web site which states the opposite- the parents names were listed as John Sutherland (1726-1781) and Jean McCleland (1720-1789)- in those days it just seems strange that Jean is 6 years older than her husband, John Sutherland. In this day and age it doesn't sound so odd, but back then, I'm not so sure. It was usually older men and younger women, some women in fact were just mere girls of 12 or 13 years of age when they married. Does this not seem strange to you? Or is it just me over analyzing again? Probably the latter :)


If I'm doing my math correctly, Alexander Sutherland was born in 1743 and his wife, Margaret Bryan was born 1771~ that would make Alexander about 28 years older than she. I have paperwork that my Cornett family gave to me that has all the names and dates and whatever else needed to be compiled together with photos, obituaries, etc. This paperwork lists Jane Barbour and Samuel J. Sutherland as the biological parents of Alexander. I just need something more concrete such as a birth certificate or some kind of other document that would have his parents names on it. 

If anyone reads this and has information to share regarding this Sutherland line, please share!!


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