Monday, July 25, 2011

Through The Looking Glass

Our ancestors of past generations would probably think that living in today's digital world of computers, the iPad, and even our smart phones, as alien. In their days, they were lucky if they even had a land line! Knowing what I know now, depending on Internet and my iPhone on a daily basis, I would be lost without them; I couldn't imagine living life day to day without these items which have become so common in our world today. 
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Taking you back in time, imagine life without any technology whatsoever. You don't have electric or gas stoves, but wood burning stoves instead, you don't have computers to write your family and friends an email or the ability to share photos, but you have to hand write everything down to the last letter, there was no such thing as a washer and dryer, you had to use an old washboard for every article of clothing you wore. Which by the way, had to be taken to the nearest lake or creek to be washed and you can just forget your handy dryer with your lavender scented fabric softener sheets! And FaceBook? My husband's grandmother, Evelyn is still in awe, when I show her pictures on my iPhone and she doesn't understand how they got there! I have tried many times to explain to her what FaceBook really is and how you can share photos of family and comment on them. My favorite part of this is the way she says, "You can do this on the computer? It does that? Oh, how nice!" (Laughing) Oh the possibilities! We haven't even really started to break the mold as far as what technology can do for us today.

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So with this great thing called technology, I am searching and scouring the various websites and resources in search of my family. Making contact with relatives I never even knew I had, all through the use of the Internet and my laptop! Ha! Who knew?? But being out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, living on Oahu, I find that I am forever grateful for the high tech world I live in, and being able to re-connect with family I haven't seen since I was probably six years old! 

The digital world has turned my laptop into a great tool. I now have the power to see through the looking glass (my laptop screen) to the world that was once my ancestors, and see not only photos of them, but also see the homes where they lived, the town where they grew up, the ability to see historical maps as they were back in the 1700-1800's, searching old newspapers and census records, and so on. 

Today, my research is at a standstill somewhat, as I am waiting to receive documents from a family member that will give me something solid and concrete as far as actual data and birth records. Having contacted several members of my family, who I might add, are gathering photos and documents for me as I type this article. I hope to read and go over these very soon!

Hopefully I will be able to tear down one or more of the brick walls that seem to have stopped me in my tracks. 

Happy Hunting!!


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