Friday, July 8, 2011

A Rough Week

So, it has been a rough week for research. I have hit many brick walls when it comes to searching for my elusive ancestor, Alexander Sutherland. I may have to try a different avenue, other than the online searches I have been doing. As a member of, I still have been unable to get an exact match as far as retrieving any documentation on him. I have tried Scotland's People, Family Search and many other genealogical sites, and sad to say, have come up empty handed!

I have been making new contacts and sending out emails all week. My most recent email was to a Dr. Fenwick of Scotland, a researcher that covers all of Scotland. He has expertise in gentry, historical research, legal texts/document searches, parish records, and wills. He was very helpful and has offered to send me an informational packet regarding current research procedures, especially that pertaining to the wide range of relevant off-line and un-indexed Scottish records which I may now need an introduction to. I can't wait to see what this packet will include! I am ready to climb this brick wall already!

I wish there was a site out there somewhere that offered everything you needed such as documents for BMD, military records and the like. Maybe there is and I just haven't found it yet! I just dislike subscribing to multiple sites where you keep having to pay, as it is not in my budget! But it seems to me that the ones you do pay for, are the ones that give you the information you seek! When I researched in the past, most but not all of the links would lead me right back to; so I decided to try it and now am paying for the worldwide membership. But there seems to be another site that is interesting me also, its called FMP, Find My Past. Maybe a 14 day free trial is in order, just so I can see what this site has to offer before I decide whether or not to become a member!

I hope you all have had better luck this week than I have :) 


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