Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Sutherland Family~ Did They Live In Dunrobin Castle?

A thought I have been pondering~ Did any members of my Sutherland family ever reside in Dunrobin Castle? Being that said castle is magnificent in its' own right, it is also a castle, which is located in Golspie, Scotland and was built and still owned by the Sutherland family. (The Sutherland Family) It is only that several hundred years later that Sir Charles Barry did an extensive remodel, which he is famous for designing the Houses of Parliament. The Sutherland family may still inhabit this grand castle, but is it my Sutherland family or those of another?

Image Source: Getty Images
Photographer- Giorgio Perbellini

From prior reading, I know that Dunrobin Castle is the seat of Clan Sutherland and the oldest part of the castle dates back to the 13th century and was considered a stronghold of the family. What I wouldn't give to just take the actual grand tour of this place! According to Clan Sutherland, the castle has 189 rooms! Yikes- imagine having to clean that on a daily basis! But what intrigues me the most, is what is inside the castle, not necessarily the magnificent exterior and  its' gardens. Although that would be a pleasure to see too, but it is the artifacts, furniture, art and most of all the families memorabilia that I would like to see firsthand! I can just imagine the history that is on display here at Dunrobin.  
Tour The Castle!

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