Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning "Legacy" Family Tree Software

Good morning all! This morning I am finally learning and teaching myself more about the Legacy software created my Millenia. What's so great about this program versus others out there? I have tried many different ones, but I seem to get along with this one the best, and it has come in under the #2 spot in the Genealogy Software Review for 2011! But just to let you know, I tried the standard version, which is free by the way; but I absolutely love the options and features that are offered for the deluxe version!

PROS: "Legacy can directly search, FamilySearch, and many other online services."
CONS: "Although this is a powerful database application, some others are more visually appealing." 
(Data Source: Genealogy Software Review)

This program is cost effective especially when you look at what Legacy offers, some of the features that I found so far that I like the most are listed below.

  • Mapping feature which allows you to utilize the Microsoft Earth to pinpoint the places in your ancestors lives, automatically from within the program.
  • The Source Writer! I can't forget to mention that- and who wouldn't like to have their sources written out for them- just type in the necessary information, and you're good to go!
  • Interview Reports- currently there are over 1000 pre-written interview forms you can use to interview family members or others when researching your family history. Cool huh?
  • Along with attaching pictures, sounds, and video to individuals, events, locations, and sources, you can now also attach any other kind of document (PDFs, Word files, etc.).
  • Recording DNA marker test results from different companies offering this type of service
But this is just a few of the features I like, that the deluxe version offers; there are plenty more! On the Legacy web site, they are offering several webinars on different topics, that you can listen in on, if you wish. I'll post the links below.

I'm not getting paid for the content of this blog posting; I am just merely expressing my opinion on  the software itself and the features that I enjoy so far.

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