Tuesday, July 12, 2011

John Hits the Big 2-0! Happy, Happy Birthday Son!

In just under a week, my oldest son John, will be 20 years old! How time flies by. Did I ever think about this day almost twenty years ago? Certainly not! I always felt that he would be my little boy forever. Now, he has grown into a handsome man, who I love dearly. I still remember those little brown eyes staring up at me, the coos and smiles, and his baby laugh. I am now the proud mother of an adult child! A child who can get married, have children and make me a grandmother! I don't want that grandma title just yet! He was always such a happy baby, always smiling and playing. I remember his first birthday like it was yesterday. He had his own personal birthday cake which I remember him crying over all the blue icing caked in his little fingers. He didn't like that so much!

Photo From Personal Collection

I can no longer carry him in my arms or send him to his room; he could probably carry me! He will always be my little boy and my baby but he is also a very independent man.Man. I said it. He's a man. How in the world did this happen so fast? How can I be the mother of a man already? Wasn't he just a baby not too long ago? 

Oh! How He Has Grown!

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!


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