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My Sutherland Family Quest

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Is it morning already? I feel like I just fell asleep not too long ago. Have you ever felt that when doing research, you get so involved in it, that you dream about it too? I think that's what I did. So it's 8 a.m. here in Hawaii and I am up and at it again. I am actually trying to locate more information to share with you about my Sutherland family, but on a more personal level. The Sutherlands' that I am seeking were born in Scotland around the 1700-1800's. I am definitely interested in Alexander Sutherland who was born in 1743(one source says he was born in 1755) and died in 1843, as far as I can tell he married a Margaret Bryan. I just need to find that missing link of information that I have been looking for. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack! But I did come across another blogger site, that has loads of information pertaining to the Sutherland's of Scotland and other surnames involved; if you are searching for your Sutherland roots as I am, it may interest you to just take a look at it. You might find a connection here on this site; I think I will also be sending an e-mail to collaborate further with the researchers that gathered this information to see if I can find my missing connection.

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I am sure that every Sutherland family may have an "Alexander" somewhere in its' family, as it was a pretty common name. I have yet to find out what his middle name was, but someone put a bug in my ear that it may be the "Albert Sutherland" I was searching for awhile back. Nothing has been determined as of yet, but it's a thought that I definitely need to dig a little deeper to find out if it has any truth to it. 

  • Name: Alexander SUTHERLAND

  • Given Name: Alexander

  • Surname: Sutherland

  • Sex: M

  • Birth: 1743 in Sutherland County, Caithness, Scotland

  • Death: 1843 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia

  • MARC: 1784 Culpepper, Virginia

  • Note:
    Margaret Elizabeth Bryan, wife

    Alexander Sutherland was one of the original pioneers of Grayson County, Virginia.

    Alexander came to America from Scotland as a Captain in the British Army. After the Revolutionary War he decided to remain in America, and he was given a land grant of 114 acres in what was then, Montgomery County and is now and Grayson County, Virginia due to the sectioning off of land.
     Father: John, Jr. SUTHERLAND b: February 6, 1726 in Watten, Caithness, Edinburg, Scotland
    Mother: Jean MCCLELAND b: 1720 in Edinburg, Scotland

  • NOTE TO SELF: I have other research that declares Samuel J. Sutherland and Jane Barbour Sutherland as the parents to Alexander Sutherland.

  • Marriage 1 Margaret Elizabeth BRYAN b: 1771 in Culpepper, Virginia
    • Married: 1784 in Culpepper, Virginia
    • Children
    1. Has Children Joseph Alexander SUTHERLAND b: July 4, 1788 in Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia
    2. Has No Children John Thomas SUTHERLAND b: February 1, 1785 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    3. Has No Children Mary SUTHERLAND b: September 19, 1787 in Montgomery, Grayson County, Virginia
    4. Has No Children John Joseph SUTHERLAND b: September 19, 1787 in Montgomery, Grayson County, Virginia
    5. Has No Children Jane SUTHERLAND b: 1791 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    6. Has No Children Phillis SUTHERLAND b: November 11, 1793 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    7. Has No Children Peggy SUTHERLAND b: 1795 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    8. Has No Children Polly SUTHERLAND b: 1799 in Montgomery, Grayson County, Virginia
    9. Has No Children Sarah SALLIE Sutherland b: 1801 in Montgomery, Grayson County, Virginia
    10. Has No Children Phebe SUTHERLAND b: March 3, 1808 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    11. Has No Children Barbary SUTHERLAND b: May 22, 1805 in Elk Creek, Grayson County, Virginia
    Source: Linda Cornett Genealogy via (Rootsweb)

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