Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alexander Sutherland

I have been searching for Sutherland family stories on the web and finally came across a family website that tells a story of Alexander Sutherland. I'll share the link below once I've shared the story with you. As you know already from reading past blog posts that I have a website that I have been using to put a family tree together. It has been a great resource to me, to keep names and dates in one place; it's great to refer to them as I can get confused with so many like names and dates running through my head.  Alexander is on my family tree on this site: Branches of my Tree :) 

Alexander was born in 1743 in Scotland; he must have migrated to the American colonies while being a British soldier fighting in the Battle of Bunker Hill, or so the story goes. After the war, he was reported to be living in Wythe County, Virginia and married Margaret Elizabeth Bryan, who was only 13 when she married Alexander; he was a successful farmer who acquired a lot of land. How much though? Continuing on, Alexander was said to live to be 101 years of age; this sounds correct as his death record states that he passed in the year 1843. In the story, it states that he may have been the son of the Grand Duke of Scotland but has yet to be confirmed. Unless of course Samuel J. Sutherland was the "Grand Duke"? The research I have gathered lists Samuel as his father, so this is probably an inaccurate statement. He supposedly received a grant of land from his unknown father and the state of Virginia. Again, I'm not sure that his father was this unknown person the website speaks of.

Alexander Sutherland 1743-1843

Ingall's Research Results

So by viewing what I've posted and referring to the web sites above, what do you think? Does anyone have any interesting stories to share on this blog? Any old photos to share? I am looking for authenticity whether it be through the internet, genealogy sources, or archives. Please share what you may have no matter how insignificant. One little clue as to who Alexander Sutherland was, may lead to great results!


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