Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Canute Family

I am near ecstatic today after doing some research on the Canute lineage and finding out that not only did our family descend from royalty, but there are some ancestors way beyond the Canute people. Starting off, there is Erin First Canute, Harthacanute, Canute the Great, Richard I of Normandy, and thousands of others. I'll be researching for years to come! I have spent some time going through all the data that is involved and I'll give you the link to view the entire family tree on the Ancestry Web Page. * You may have to already be a member of the site to view this, just so you know!

Members of can view my Cornett Family Ancestry Tree here. You shouldn't have any problems viewing the tree, as I have made it available for public viewing for a limited time only. If you cannot view it, my apologies as it will probably require you to become a member to do so.
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At first, I wasn't really wanting to pay for the subscription to but really, it is worth it in the end. There are documents, war draft cards, photos, and other members trees in which to view, but there are also documents from the UK that can be viewed also. They offer many great features and free services if you don't feel that you wish to become a member at this time.

Here is one of the stories of William Longsword I that I retrieved from the Ancestry web site; it was originally submitted by another member of the site, whose name I do not want to mention for privacy reasons. 

William I Longsword (French: Guillaume Longue-Épée, Latin: Willermus Longa Spata, Scandinavian:Vilhjálmr Langaspjót; 893 – 17 December 942) was the second Duke of Normandy from his father's death until his own assassination. The title dux (duke) was not in use at the time and has been applied to early Norman rulers retroactively; William actually used the title comes (count).
Little is known about his early years. He was born in Bayeux or Rouen to Rollo and his wife Poppa. All that is known of Poppa is that she was a Christian, and the daughter to Berengar of Rennes, the previous lord of Brittania Nova, which eventually became western Normandy. According to the William's planctus, he was baptised a Christian.
William succeeded Rollo sometime around 927. It appears that he faced a rebellion early in his reign, from Normans who felt he had become too Gallicised. Subsequent years are obscure. In 939 William became involved in a war with Arnulf I of Flanders, which soon became intertwined with the other conflicts troubling the reign of Louis IV. He was killed by followers of Arnulf while at a meeting to settle their conflict. His son Richard the Fearless, child of his first wife, Sprota, succeeded him. William also left a widow, Liègard (Liutgard), who died in 985.

If you are looking for more information on William Longsword I, You can see an article here. Brittanica Encyclopedia



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