Saturday, June 11, 2011

Canute- What's In A Name?

The Canute surname is English / Danish and has an Anglo-Saxon origin. The sound of names or just words in general is what guided the spelling since there wasn't much literacy back in the Middle Ages. Spelling variations even took place among the more literate people during this time. Therefore, that's why we have variations in the spelling of the Canute name. There are probably others also, but the Canute name is specific to this posting. There are many variations to the Canute name, some which include: Cnot, Cnotte, Canute, Cnut, Cornett, Cornutt and many more. The early origins of the Canute name was first found in Derbyshire, where traditionally the name was descended from the Scandinavian King Canute. 

King Cnut (Canute)

For many reasons such as political, economic and religious, families boarded ships and migrated to the American colonies, Canada, and Ireland, in search of a better life. With so many families traveling in cramped, dank ship conditions, many of the people arrived to their destinations, diseased and near starving. Hopefully, the people that did survive went to their new lands and accomplished what they set out to do. 

What does your name say about who you are, where you come from?


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