Saturday, June 25, 2011

Canute the Great~ Viking King

Canute the Great was my 11th great grandfather, I must say it took me a long time to acknowledge the relationship as being true, but I still need to get the documentation to prove it. There are many web pages that have much information on his life and history as King of England, Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden. Canute the Great was born circa 994 and died circa 1035 in Shaftsbury, in Dorset and was buried at the Winchester Cathedral, where his bones are located inside a chest.

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He was the son of King Sweyn Forkbeard of Denmark and the Slavic princess Gunhilda of Poland. Canute was proclaimed King on February 3, 1014; he famous story that he was so vain, he allowed himself to be convinced by flattering courtiers that he could hold back the ocean's tide, is one of the chief events of the reign for which he appears to be remembered. To be so powerful as to hold back the tide of the ocean, that is such a joke! 

There is a book which is free to Google account holders which can be read online. The book is entitled, Canute The Great  995 (circa.)-1035 and the Rise of Danish Imperialism During the Viking Age, Volume 4.   written by Laurence Marcellus Larson in 1912. 

The link to this book can be read here: Canute The Great E-Book

Here are some images I found on the web of Canute the Great~ enjoy!

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YouTube Video of Canute The Great


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