Friday, June 3, 2011

Erin Canute

Erin Canute was born in 1676 in Northumberland, England. He died in the year 1700. He was said to be the first of the Canute line to migrate to the U.S. but specifically settling in Virginia, North Carolina and Kentucky. He is also said to be a direct descendant of King Canute and Queen Emma, but factual proof has yet to be found linking this relationship. So with that being said, Erin Canute is part of my fathers family tree as far as I can tell. "So Erin Canute may have been the first in his line to migrate to Virginia from England, bringing with him, the Canute Royal Coat of Arms. He was also a sheep herder, his father is thought to be William Canute Cornett" - (taken from a forum from this site:
 hmmm 2 last names? I think I'd better research this further if this is true! Who knows it could lead to another missing link or should I say, branch of my family tree.

I've been researching this over and over to find anything on the web that might state otherwise, but as of today, I haven't found anything that sends me in another direction. It still boggles my mind how the surname Canute of the 1600's has changed so much over the centuries past, to what is now for the most part, Cornett. Although, I'm sure there are still some who may use the Canute name today. There are many variations to the name-- from Cornett, Cornutt, Cornitt, and possibly a dozen more. If you are interested in reading more about the origin of the Cornett name just go to this site: which was written by a Dr. D. MacTavish.

Meanwhile, I'll still be searching the Canute/Cornett clan for anything prior to the 1600's!


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