Friday, June 24, 2011

Clan Sutherland

Family research is ultimately, a voyage of great discovery. Full of intrigue and fascinating history, it's a pastime that will reward you many times over. You need to fully gain an understanding of what your heritage is all about, not just by researching in the comforts of your home, but by getting first hand accounts by visiting the places your ancestors have come from. I understand that many of you cannot just pick up and go anywhere you please, at the spur of a moment. There are details you must see to and then for most of us, the issue of having enough money to sustain us during a trip. 
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"The dramatic landscapes and seascapes of the north of Scotland are the ancestral homeland of the Sutherland Clan. The chiefs have a long and well documented history, taking their name from the Norse name of the land 'Sudrland', they became the most wealthy and powerful clan in the north of Scotland." (Sutherland Ancestors)

"There were two branches of Clan Sutherland associated with the Sutherland Earls, these were the Sutherlands of Forse and of Duffus, both of which were outside the county of Sutherland itself."

The motto of Clan Sutherland is "Sans Peur", which is French for "Without Fear". The official pipe music of Clan Sutherland is "The Earl of Sutherland's March". This pipe tune has apparently not been published, making it hard to find. 

For more information on Clan Sutherland go to this link:Clan Sutherland Society ~ Official Page


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