Friday, June 3, 2011


Having always been interested in history, I decided to start blogging about my family- my father was a Cornett. Maybe I should have majored in History instead of Marketing! Currently, I am focused on my fathers side of my family tree, and I am surprised at what I have found out in just a few days of researching. The Cornett side is very extensive but so very interesting at the same time. I found that once I get started, I cannot stop. 

Many years ago, I was given a copy of our genealogy that looks as if it was typed out, and included a few images; I'm sure many other family members were given this also. I have yet to acquire a book that was written by John Eldon Cornett, entitled, "Climbing The Right Ladder". In this book, from my understanding, is a book about the origins of the Cornett family. One day I hope to purchase this book as it is a part of my family history. If it weren't for the Internet, I wouldn't have come as far as I have in my research! I want to share an image I found on a website called I know it sounds kind of horrid, but I am glad to have found it, if only for the image of David Cornett and Phebe "Feby" Sutherland, who are my third great grandparents!

In conclusion, I would like to say that if there are family members out there who may be doing the same search as I am, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am most willing to share my findings with you and maybe collaborate with you on any research you may have, that I may be missing.


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