Sunday, June 12, 2011

Look What I Found!

I must say that I have been really involved with my genealogy research these past few weeks. So involved in fact, that on most days I completely lose track of time. From the time I wake up in the morning till very late at night. My family always comes to me and says, "Come eat!" I guess I just don't want to separate myself from my research when I am on a hot trail. But today I was just looking up my fathers name through Google and found a Google Document that lists the families data from generation to generation. It was such an awesome find that I thought I'd share the link with you just to get your ideas and thoughts on it. So if you would, please comment as to what your thought are on this particular document.

Canute/ Cornett Genealogy

I'm not sure who compiled all this data, but it's an excellent resource to go to, if anything but for the names and dates to work off of while researching other family members and their histories. When I originally opened this document, it shows that it was generated by Family Tree Maker, so maybe it was based off of a GEDCOM file. 

This is the original link:

By looking at the path name I need to give credit to Pamela D for the creation. 


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