Friday, June 17, 2011

Genealogy- My Passion My Obsession

Thousands of people around the globe are in search of their ancestors all the time. As for myself, it has become a daily routine. My blog is the first place I go, then I'll look at my family tree and decide who I would like to research and how far back in history I may be interested enough to do research on. I like genealogy and history both, but by no means am I a professional researcher. I only research for myself. It's a hobby of mine and the more I get myself involved, the more I want to learn. Genealogy is probably one of the most popular hobbies that people get into. That's just my opinion though. Just think about it, who wouldn't want to know where their family originally came from? Were they related to someone famous, from so long ago? For all I know, I could be related to some King or something! Hmmm..King Knut? Not too sure yet, but it's always fun to investigate and dig deeper into the history. Don't you think so? It's almost like those C.S.I. guys and I'm the investigator with a new case profile to find data on! Just kidding. I was getting too excited about the topic of genealogy again wasn't I?

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I recently visited the U.S.S. Missouri in Pearl Harbor, on Memorial Day to be exact, and let me tell you, that ship had so much history behind it. It intrigued me so much that in the back of my mind I'm thinking, "Did one of my family members ever board this ship? Sleep in those bunks with the woolen blankets? Did they stand in the Truman line waiting for their meal?

What starts out as a curiosity can quickly lead to a new found obsession when it comes to genealogy research. You may just want to satisfy your own curiosity as to who you are and where you may have come from. But there are other good reasons for taking up this subject too. You may have children who will one day be just as inquisitive as you are now. What will you tell them? They need to be given a sense of who they are too, where they may have come from and how they lived their lives and what they went through during that time period. You may want to preserve cultural traditions and share them as a family. Another good reason would be medical history in your family. A family member may have had an inherited disease or disorder and you never would have known unless you researched it! Whatever reason you choose, it's very interesting to find out just who you are. 

Genealogy is like a huge puzzle, just waiting for you to put the right pieces in place! Let the journey BEGIN!


  1. Love your blogs. My ancestry comes from William Canute Cornett, Erin, Earl.John,William,Samuel, William G, James Russell, James, James Ray. I am Dorothy Mae Cornett Gross