Saturday, June 4, 2011

Canute Surname

Canute is an old English name tracing back to the Danish Anglo-Saxon King Canute or Knut. I have found evidence on the web that the first known Canute in America was an Earl Canute around 1696 in Virginia. He was born in Southampton, England to a Northumberland sheep farmer, Erin Canute born around 1676. It is believed that many of the indiginous settlers of surnames Canute / Cornett/ Cornutt in the US and Canada are descended from Earl Canute.

But as far as tracing any roots before Earl Canute, I haven't found any reliable data that links back that far. Of course there are stories and articles on the Internet regarding King Canute the Great, which are very interesting to me. Who did Earl Canute marry? As far as I know he had only one son, by the name of Erin Canute.

If anyone has additional information on this line, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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