Friday, June 10, 2011

David "Blue" Cornett

David "Blue" Cornett was born in 1805, married Phoebe "Feby" Sutherland (born March 6, 1808) on February 2, 1826, and died January 24,1886 (March 5, 1885- Grave Marker Image below) in Grayson County, Flat Ridge, Virginia. According to Ancestry Library, the marriage records indicate that his last name was Connute. The 1850 Federal Census of Grayson County,Virginia has his occupation as being a farmer. You can access the above information here: Ancestry Library. (In this posting I will be referring to David as "Blue" and Phoebe as "Feby".)

Blue's father was James Cornett, born in 1783 in Grayson, Virginia. His mother was Rachel Wright, born circa 1783 and died circa 1827. Rachel was 22 years of age when she gave birth to "Blue". How ironic is it, that when Rachel died, "Blue" was 22 years old. I have seen other references as to whom "Blue's" mother was- Polly Rankins was her name. But this hasn't been confirmed yet. See It Here!

"Blue" and "Feby" had 14 children! I  couldn't imagine having to feed, clothe, and shelter 14 children in those days, or even today for that matter. That's a lot of children to care for in any day and age. They had a daughter named Olive Melvine that died at the age of 3, she was born June 12, 1844 and died on February 6, 1847; so she almost made it to her fourth birthday. They also had a son by the name of John Wesley Cornutt, who was not even a year old by the time he passed. John Wesley was born July 13, 1851 and died on March 13, 1852. 

From an email I received:
"Phoebe's maternal grandmother, who was believed to be related to the West family in early Virginia.  It's possible that she may be a descendant of Thomas West, Lord De La Warre, who saved the Jamestown Colony and for whom the State, River and Bay of Delaware are named."

"There is some reference to the Sutherland family (Feby) being involved in the Revolution and with Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone in the Carolinas and Kentucky."

I am keeping the sender of this email private, but wanted to thank them for sending this information to me. <3 I will update as I come across more information about David "Blue" Cornett and Phoebe "Feby" Sutherland.

This is all the information I have on David "Blue" Cornett and Phoebe "Feby" Sutherland. If anyone can add anything to this post, I would be forever grateful!


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