Monday, June 13, 2011

Scotland Genealogical Society

As you know from following my blog, that my 3rd great grandmother, Phebie "Feby" Sutherland starts the line which leads me to my Scottish ancestors. As of today, I have applied online for a library card from the Edinburgh Library. This allows me to read free e-books on whatever subject I choose. Here is the link if you are interested in applying also. 
Get Your Edinburgh Library Card Today! 

Since I live in Hawaii, it's a little more difficult for me to access Edinburgh's Library, but now that I have applied for a membership I will have access to countless resources such as e-books, CD's, DVD's, and videos and countless other resources to help me gather information on my heritage!
This is actually my first time going to this site, so bear with me as I navigate through it. To access the library you will need this link, but I'm not sure it is accessible to you if you are not yet a member.
But for me, I just typed the word "genealogy" and it came up with some great results; over 1000 pages of references alone- and that's just the beginning! It is interesting to note that you can also choose a preferred library location, as your library card will let you gain access to the libraries of Edinburgh. So with that said, you can refine your searches by location, collection, subject, year published (if you happen to know, that is), author, and format. 

I don't know why I didn't check this site out sooner! By the way, I just typed in the word 'Sutherland' and this gave me a listing of other books to look at such as information on the Sutherland Highlanders, an autobiography of the Duke of Sutherland, Clan Sutherland, and so much more. This is a great start to learning about your heritage background. No matter what your ethnicity is, I'm sure there is a genealogical society out there to help you gain access to your family's  history.

The Scotsman Digital Archive allows you to search every Scotsman newspaper published between 1817 and 1950. Use it to find significant moments in the history of Scotland, major historical world events or discover if your ancestor appears in the births, marriages and deaths notices, or even in a news story.

Edinburgh Library Catalog Page


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