Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Experience With the Family History Quick Start Mini-Course (Series) DAY 3

The fourth lesson of the Family History Quick Start Mini Series explains how to add 30 generations to your family tree with some amount of ease. As you probably know by now, research can be fun but also time consuming; researching can be hard work at times. Although time and work aren't necessarily bad things, but sometimes you might wish that you could alter the one and automate the other. Well there is a genealogy tool that you can use to help you speed up your research and automate the work involved. It's called One Great Family, and it can help ease the load of searching for your family history. The site automates your family tree search. You would then enter as much information as you know about your family tree, and One Great Family then searches to connect your family tree to the over 190 million names in their database. When it finds matches, you can include them in your family tree and instantly have an expanded tree!

Success Stories

What I Like About One Great Family

1. How could one person researching their families not like the fact that having a way to merge your family trees when a match has been found and it's all automated! Love it! 

2. I really like how it identifies and eliminates duplicated data; this can be such a chore to have to go back and try to find any duplicate entries especially when most names are frequently the same.

3. One Great Family works around the clock; it will do all the search work for you and this aspect saves you the time, effort and headaches of conducting these searches manually by yourself.

Check it out and see if it's something that you could benefit from! With a little luck, you'll be able to add a few generations to your family tree. With a little bit more, you may expand it by 10-30


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