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Sir Francis Bryan I


I hope everyone is having a great day, wherever you may be. Currently, it is 8 a.m. here in Hawaii, and I can see it's going to be another beautiful day! I have just been taking it easy with the multiple postings each day, but some days I just get really chatty on the subject of genealogy. Currently, I am utilizing multiple resources to build upon my Cornett family tree. A few days has passed since I started using the web site and I am pretty impressed by the features so far. Another great resource I am using and (I just have to share it with you) is the My Heritage Family Builder software. This site is a great tool and as a Premium Plus member, I have many more features to utilize to expand my tree. First off, the site creates your own personal family tree website, where you can use Smart Match to merge your tree with others and upload family photos, if you have access to them. Some other features are slide shows, time lines, time books, charts, reports etc. I uploaded a GEDCOM file to this site which displays over 5000 of my ancestors! This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. I will provide the download link for you to try if you wish. 

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The person in my family tree that I will be discussing for today, is another one of my 10th great grandfathers, named Sir Francis Bryan I. Francis was born June 1, 1490 in Munster, County Clare, Ireland and died Feb 2, 1550 in Clonmel, Tipperary, Ireland. He was nicknamed the "Vicar of Hell" and was Lord Chief Justice of Ireland. He was also Chief Gentleman for the Privy Chamber for Henry VIII of England. 

Sir Francis Bryan married Joan Bryan, Duchess of Ormond (born Fitzgerald), they had two sons, Francis "Justice of Ireland" II and Edward Bryan, Lord of Upper Ossary. Francis Bryan I parents were Thomas "Thomas de Bryan" III and Margaret Bryan (born Bourchier). 

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Below is an article found on the web in regards to Sir Francis Bryan I.

SIR FRANCIS BRYAN* (d. 1550), poet, translator, soldier, and diplomatist, was the son of Sir Thomas Bryan, and grandson of Sir Thomas Bryan, chief justice of the common pleas from 1471 till his death in 1500. His father was knighted by Henry VII in 1497, was 'knight of the body' at the opening of Henry VIII's reign, and repeatedly served on the commission of the peace for Buckinghamshire, where the family property was settled. Francis Bryan's mother was Margaret, daughter of Humphry Bourchier, and sister of John Bourchier, lord Berners. Lady Bryan was for a time governess to the princesses Mary and Elizabeth, and died in 1551-2. Anne Boleyn is stated to have been his cousin; 

Bryan is believed to have been educated at Oxford. In April 1513 he received his first official appointment, that of captain of the Margaret Bonaventure, a ship in the retinue of Sir Thomas Howard, afterwards duke of Norfolk, the newly appointed admiral. In the court entertainments held at Richmond (19 April 1515), at Eltham (Christmas 1516), and at Greenwich (7 July 1517), Bryan took a prominent part, and received very rich apparel from the king on each occasion. He became the king's cupbearer in 1516. In December 1518 he was acting as 'master of the Toyles,' and storing Greenwich Park with 'quick deer.' In 1520 he attended Henry VIII at the Field of the Cloth of Gold, and took part in the jousts2 there under the captaincy of the Earl of Devonshire;

Bryan was also a student of foreign languages and literature. It is clear that his uncle, John Bourchier, lord Berners, consulted him about much of his literary work. It was at Bryan's desire that Lord Berners undertook his translation of Guevara's 'Marcus Aurelius' (1534). Guevara, the founder of Euphuism, was apparently Bryan's favourite author.

Sources:Lee, Sidney L. "Sir Francis Bryan." Dictionary of National Biography. Vol. VII. Leslie Stephen, ed. New York: Macmillan and Co., 1886. 150-152.

Sir Francis Bryan I


  1. Sir Francis Bryan I is my 11th great grandfather. Thanks for posting this to share.

    Marsha Baker

  2. Sir Francis Bryan I is also my 9th great grandfather. Thanks so much for this!

    Theresa Kelly